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I don't own CCS/CC (duh). I don't own NT either. The pic above (the banner) is from a wallpaper the Wish-chan made. I've also borrowed heaps of NT pics that Wish-chan drew. I used them coz I can't draw NT characters anywhere as well as she can... Hope no one minds... There's also heaps of graphics on this site that I've no idea where I go them, and I don't own. Please don't sue!

~*~ Introduction ~*~

Hi there everyone! **waves**
Happy International New Trials Day!!!
I hope you all enjoy this site, whether if you are an author or a reader or both or neither.
This site is for the amazing author, Wish-chan, who has written, and still writes, the much loved fan fiction among all: The New Trials of Card Captor Sakura, Syaoran and friends. It has been five years since Wish-chan has started writing this fantastic story. A few years ago, I did not know anyone who could make up and write such an complex plot with thoughts and emotions pouring out of the words. Even though it is just a fan fiction, the New Trials is a story that seems so real. Now, Wish-chan has been writing the New Trials for five years. Five years worth of effort, five years worth of typing, five years worth of hard work. Wish-chan: you do not know how much your fans appreciates this. So whether you've been following this story for a day, or for five years, you can see just how good this story is. You could say this ite is a kind of bank of gifts for Wish-chan! Hope you enjoy!

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~*~ Quote of the week ~*~

“How’d’you know she eloped?” Syaoran demanded.

“What’s ‘lope?” Sakura whispered. “Is it a type of fruit?”

Syaoran fell head over heals. “Stupid, that’s ‘cantaloupe’, a type of melon. Elope means to run away in a forbidden marriage.”

“So, if she ‘can’t elope,’ then she turns into a melon? Hoe-e.” Her expression was very muddled.

Sighing in exasperation, Syaoran asked, “ARE YOU STUPID OR SOMETHING?!?!”

- Sakura and Syaoran, proving that even in the most freaky-ist times, they can still make us laugh.
- Scene in the dark house after buying Christmas presents. Chapter 12: Till You Turn to Me, First Arc