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I don't own CCS/CC (duh). I don't own NT either. The pic above (the banner) is from a wallpaper the Wish-chan made. I've also borrowed heaps of NT pics that Wish-chan drew. I used them coz I can't draw NT characters anywhere as well as she can... Hope no one minds... There's also heaps of graphics on this site that I've no idea where I go them, and I don't own. Please don't sue!

~*~ Kimmie-chan ~*~

Kimmie-chan's present...



New Trials is the best!

Eriol's a sadist

Wish-chan is an excellent writer! 


The thrill never ends in NT

Robots aren't part of the storyline, but nobody cares

I love NT very, very, very, very (you get the idea) very much!!!

As soon as a new chappie is up, I forget about my homework and read it first...

Legacy of the Legendary Five is also very great!!

S+S all the way!!!


Roses are red Violets are blue...Todayís International NT some more NT I must do

U notice that my acrostic poem doesnít make much sense

Loves Kai too!

Z...I cant think of any thing begin with Z! Ummm... Zebra's are stripped black and white, dats the contrast of dark and light?


 Ok dat was just some ridiculous acrostic poem I wrote, Iím untalented in writing and art so I hope the acrostic poem got across what I wanna say.

 I luv New Trials heaps! Wish-chan you truly done an outstanding job in writing such an excellent fic! Happy NT Day!!!!!! Truly just keep up the brilliant work!!


Forever a fan!!!