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I don't own CCS/CC (duh). I don't own NT either. The pic above (the banner) is from a wallpaper the Wish-chan made. I've also borrowed heaps of NT pics that Wish-chan drew. I used them coz I can't draw NT characters anywhere as well as she can... Hope no one minds... There's also heaps of graphics on this site that I've no idea where I go them, and I don't own. Please don't sue!

~*~ New Pressie Form  ~*~

Wanna make Wish-chan a pressie, to reward her for her tremendous work? Well, here's the place! Just copy to an email, then fill out the form, then attch your pressie, and send!


Your lil' side mesg to Wish-chan/comments on your pressie/your say:

And that's all! WOW! ^_^