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I don't own CCS/CC (duh). I don't own NT either. The pic above (the banner) is from a wallpaper the Wish-chan made. I've also borrowed heaps of NT pics that Wish-chan drew. I used them coz I can't draw NT characters anywhere as well as she can... Hope no one minds... There's also heaps of graphics on this site that I've no idea where I go them, and I don't own. Please don't sue!

~*~ Serenie-chan ~*~

Serena's present...

Here's an non-anime wallpaper that I made...

Hi there Wish-chan!
I'm Serena and I know you might hear this thousands of times a day, but your fanfictions are that best, and your drawings are absolutely beautiful!
Quality is not good coz the paper is wrinkled. This is suppoesed to be Princess Rosa, in chapter 24 of the New Trials. I really didn't bother to draw the mirror, but if you look closely, there's a bit of blue in the background, resembling the mirror's surface. I drew this pic for New Year's Eve, for it is a time which we can reflect on the past year. The mirror of truth tells the truth and the future and the past...

But wait, there's more...

Songwriting is one of my favorite hobbies! After I read chapter 4, Part 2: Till the Sunrise, I just HAD to write a song about it! I mean, the sunrise thing is so beautiful!  An I soo luv da music that I put with this...So here it is:

A New Beginning

Everything that is here is so magical
Things unknown can be illogical
Mysteries can be unbelievable
Secrets should be known

  This universe can be so mystical
Adventure everyday undeniable
Magic in the skies shinning in the sun
A new day has just begun

  The sun rises into the sky
Erasing the darkness below
Yesterdays’ worries are gone
A new day has just begun
The sun rises into the sky
Warming the earth below
Beginning of another day
When anything can await

  It’s a whole new day to forget the darkness of the night
And erase all the pain and bitterness
It’s something you can look forward to with a bright hopeful smile
You can seize the day and never give up

  The sun rises into the sky
Erasing the darkness below
Yesterdays’ worries are gone
A new day has just begun
The sun rises into the sky
Warming the earth below
Beginning of another day
When anything can await

There’s never a dead end when there is a sunrise
Beginning of a better day
You can put a right into your wrong mistakes
And find a better way  

  The sun rises into the sky
Erasing the darkness below
Yesterdays’ worries are gone
A new day has just begun
The sun rises into the sky
Warming the earth below
Beginning of better day
When anything can await

It’s a new beginning.  

Sooo... didja like it??? Would you like to read some more songs that I wrote? (I know that you might not have time for it but...) Well, if you do, Just email me at and I'll reply in a few minutes to a maximim of 5 days! However, SLEEP is GOOD. SLEEP is MORE IMPORTANT than my songs... hint hint

But wait! There's still more...
[haha... I'm writing crazy so, and I want to show Wish-chan just HOW much I appreciate her writing her fanfics and NT...of course, that would not be possible, or else I'll be up 24/7/52 (24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year) all the time making Wish-chan pressies! Man, I would love to do that but, I'll be wasting all of Wish-chan's time! sooo... yeah.]

here is a short (well, I hope it's short) fanfic of NT...

This fanfic is based on Wish-chan's NT plot, but just imagine that Eron and Erika aren't evil anymore...this is like, kinda when the weird past and all that are solved, and everything is "normal" again (meaning not more dark forces lurking around (waiii... no more ACTION!! wai...) sniff sniff...)

~*§*~©ĦξЯR¥ mOση~*§*~

"Hi Tomoyo!" Sakura said, a bit puzzled at why her best friend called everyone to come to her mansion so suddenly. Syaoran, Miho, Meirin, Kai, Eriol, Kero, Suppi, Eron, Erika, and her were all there.

"I have some important news to announce!" Tomoyo said happily.

"We're not going on a trip to America again, are we?" Syaoran said as he shivered at the thought of what happened to Sakura last time they went to New York... (A/N: Awww...)

"Well, no, I was thinking, now that all of the action is gone, and I don't have anything else to videotape-"

Everyone groaned at this. 

"-ahem, as I was saying - and don't worry, I'm not going to make a ANOTHER movie starring the CCS crew, I just thought that, now that we all have more time on our hands..." Tomoyo said as she held up a few sheets of music with a broken star picture at the top.

"I found this when I was going through a box of old stuff from the Star Crossed production. This was a piece that Sakura-chan's mother and Li-kun's father wrote. I was hoping we could make this a project of some kind. You know, work together. each one of us playing a different instrument each." Tomoyo explained.

"That piece only needs two violins. So why did you call all of us here?" Miho said

"Knowing Tomoyo, she must have added parts for us to do. So all of us gets involved" Eriol said

"How did you know?" Tomoyo asked

"just a guess" Eriol said with the usual sly smile.

"Anyway, will you guys help?"

In the end (though there was much protesting from Syaoran and Kai), everyone agreed.

"that's great!" Tomoyo said with a smile. "Okay, Sakura and Syaoran are going to play their parents' parts with hthe violin, while I play the keyboard, with Eriol playing the piano. Kai does the sound effects, Miho plays the harmonica. Eron does the drums. Erika plays the Guitar. Meilin plays the Recorder. Kero and Suppi does the Trambourine. is everyone ok with that?" Tomoyo explained.

"wait a second, why am I stuck with the lame recorder?" Meirin exclaimed

"I can't play the guitar" said Erika
"And I can't play the drums" Eron added

"okay, Meirin and Erika swap parts, and Drums are really easy to learn, so Eron can just have a few lessons."

"Okay" agreed everyone.


"Okay, is everyone ready?" Tomoyo asked while adjusting her videocamera on a stand.


"okay." Tomoyo quickly pressed 'play' then ran up to her keyboard while everyone else adjusted their microphones.

Everyone stared at Kai, since he's supposed to start off. Kai nodded back.

A sound could be heard (A/N: sorrie, I have absolutely no idea of how to describe)
then Tomoyo pressed a key on her keyboard. this made a "fantasy"-ish kinda sound.
Then, Syaoran held the violin to his chin, and played a slow, lonely tune. After a while, Sakura joined in on her violin, playing a high tune. These two tunes harmoized together, with sound effects, keyboard, and now tramborines still going. Sakura stopped and sighed. practice really paied off. Now Syaoran played the slow tune again, then, Sakura joined in on her violin, with Meirin on her guitar, Miho playing her harmonica, Erika playing the recorder, and Eron playing the drums. Eriol had also joined in playing the piano. For a while, all the instruments played together, and then the girls hummed a tune through their microphones, while everyone was still playing their instruments. then, near the end, when almost everyone had stopped playing the instrument, Sakura ended the song with a long, slow, note.

Then they lived happily ever after! Yay! ^_^

The End.

Serena's lil' note: There's this music file that sounds EXACTLY like the music that I just described, and the violin bit sounds EXACTLY like the music the Syao-chan played back in chapter 11 of the New Trials. if you have not heard that music yet, then I suggest you do, for its really worth it. (click here to download)(disclaimer: I don't own the music, so please don't sue me!)

Another lil' note: Notice the title? it says: "~*§*~©ĦξЯR¥ mOση~*§*~" you see, the § is S+S, which, ofcourse, means Syaoran and Sakura. The ~**~ surrounding the § is arua. The Pink represents Sakura, and the forest green represents Syaoran. Notice that there's green arua surrounding Sakura's §? And vice versa? And the Title: "©ĦξЯR¥ mOση" It's Cherry Blossom (Sakura) and moon (Syaoran) combined. I know that Syaoran is Little wolf, but Cherry wolf just didn't sound right. "Moon Star" just sounded too clichè, and I wanted the title to be original, so that's why I added those Roman/Greek/Latin symblos. hehe... I just wanted to note that.

hehehe... I know that you must be bored... but there's still one more thing!
dis one is gonna be a speech that I wrote, telling you how much NT changed me, and the way I see things...

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls.
Authors and readers, both, or neither.
My name is Serena, and I am here today to tell you how Wish-chan's story, The New Trials, has erased my bordem, and changed the way I see things.
[note: did I tell you that I suck at writing speeches?]
Eron and Erika, for example, even though they are the "evil" characters, I still feel sorry for them, for they are not "free". 
Another example, which is the Fates. When Sakura captured The Fates in CH 42 (?), It tought me a lot of things.
I also love the way that Wish-chan foreshadows alot, giving hints, but at the same time throwing us off track.
e.g. Miho and Kai. Lots of people thought that Kai was Miho's brother, and, well, we still don't know yet.
But in CH47, The Fantasy/Transform said that Makai was what Kai SHOULD of been, but is not. Then Kai said that he WAS Miho's brother, but isn't anymore...(?!?!?!?!?!?!)
The BIG question that alot of people are asking, is how IN THE WORLD, does Wish-chan write these LOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNGG chapters, and yet still keep them INTERESTING?!
Wish-chan has lotsa talent! [okay, that was an understatment].
I mean, how she writes by pouring out her thoughs, and emotions, INTO the words, is absolutely amazing.
And how she draws these BEAUTIFUL drawing at the same unbelieveable!
Personally, if I was her, I wouldn't even find time for sleep.
And I would be the luckyest person in the world, if I had talent that was anywhere CLOSE to hers.
Right now, we are all hoping the the New Trials NEVER end... but hehe, thats a lil' bit TOO MUCH to ask, isn't it? ^_^
Wish-chan: I advise you, plan out your weeks. keep it simple and organised. leave time for homework, time on the Internet, time for hanging out with friends, time for writing NT, LOTS OF time for REST, and most important of all, time to yourself.
now, audience that is listenin- eh-hem - reading this, and all of you at home, please give a huge, round of appluse to Wish-chan!!!
***this HUGE appluse is hear all around the world. SETI thinks it aliens, television reporters say: 'a huge appluse was heard all around the world a few moments ago. what is the cause of this and when will it strike again?' note: the appluse for wish-chan is 100 times louder and 100 times bigger than the appluse for Sakura and Syaoran at Star Crossed.(sorrie s+s)***
Everyone: Still clapping, shouting etc...
okay, I'll be nice and fast forward a bit...

~~~two weeks later~~~

Everyone: STILL clapping and shouting etc...

Serena: err... I'll get back to you on this... 

~~~ANOTHER two more weeks later~~~


Serena: ... or not ...

Well, I hope you liked your [long] pressie, and I hope you like(d) all the other presents that NT fans have given you.

~*~Serena (aka Serenie-chan)~*~