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I don't own CCS/CC (duh). I don't own NT either. The pic above (the banner) is from a wallpaper the Wish-chan made. I've also borrowed heaps of NT pics that Wish-chan drew. I used them coz I can't draw NT characters anywhere as well as she can... Hope no one minds... There's also heaps of graphics on this site that I've no idea where I go them, and I don't own. Please don't sue!

~*~ Old Updates  ~*~

september 1st 2004:

happy international new trials day!!! the long awaited present for wish-chan, is finally finished, on the internet and open! thanx to all the new trials fans that participated. 
also, if you have just started reading nt, and you want to give wish-chan a present, but haven't yet, then don't worry, it is not too late. just fill in the new pressie form, then copy that and email me, with your pressie, and i will post it on this site.(
I would also really appreciate it if you want to have your say , email me with a review my email addy: and I will try my best to make wish-chan, and her fans proud and happy! 
i just would like to say thanx to these following pplz:

wish-chan - the one who started it all!
Amthyest Beloved & Digidynasty - for posting nt on!
Cherry-chan - for making that NT guestbook! 
Kerei Blossom - for creating the NT group!
clamp - for coming up with the idea of ccs/cc
All of you who have contributed to this project - Thanx so much for ur help! It couldn't have been finished without you guys!

well, happy wish-chan present looking! and happy fifth birthday, new trials! lets all wish wish-chan a good, happy, stress-free day! (ahem), we, new trials, and wish-chan's fans, are happy and honoured to present to you, The NT 5th birthday site, OPEN! 
**cuts ribbon**
anyways, have a wonderful day!

~Serenie-chan, webmistress